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Healthcare Payers: We will partner with you and provide the expertise in the following areas:
- Health Plan Core Eligibility Management and Claims Systems including online enrollment.
- Healthcare Reform
- Quality Metrics
- Care Coordination and Advanced Analytics
- Customer Care and Customer Services Management
- Health Information Exchange (HIE)
- Business Intelligence (Data Warehousing, Reporting and Analytics)

Multi-Employer Benefit Administration: In addition to the above services for typical health payers/insurers, we also have solid knowledge and experiences in technology and core applications used for administering the complexity of these multi-employer health plans.
In short, we will assist healthcare payers to:
- Reduce and eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse
- Improve claims processing efficiency including improving auto adjudication rate to reduce operational costs
- Enhance customer services across multiple channels
- Expedite service delivery
- Ensure information privacy and security

By delivering innovative, sustainable solutions, we will help healthcare payers tackle complex payment reform challenges that lead to sustainable and profitable growth.

Healthcare Payers
Healthcare providers are grappling with unprecedented challenges as they transform their organizations, technology, systems, operations, and infrastructure to improve the quality of healthcare, reduce costs, and securely share health information.

We will help healthcare providers tackle complex challenges, including:
- Workflow solutions and clinically-driven, advanced analytics to transform your revenue cycle management to drastically reduce the level of uncompensated care and improve revenue stream
- Architecting and implementing the required cloud-based solutions and infrastructure to succeed as an ACO
- Securely sharing health information via electronic health records and health information exchanges (HIE)
- Designing new models of care, such as medical home and telehealth, that improve health delivery
- Redesigning facilities and infrastructure - operations, workforce, supply chain, and other components - to increase efficiency and effectiveness of services
- Improving business intelligence capabilities to reduce costs and increase quality of care

Such diverse and dynamic challenges call for innovative strategy, technology, analytics, and operational solutions. Moreover, they demand a holistic approach - one that frames the interrelated challenges of healthcare providers in the context of the broader health market. In doing so, we help healthcare providers deliver smart, sustainable solutions that endure.

Healthcare Providers
Building on our experience across the insurance and financial services industry, our staff has extensive background in commercial and retail banking, capital markets, and insurance. We understand our clients' mission, strategic and operational challenges, which allows us to create innovative approaches to some of their most complex problems.
Insurance and Financial Services