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Our Mission
“Helping customers maximize their strategic value.” That is our mission.

A company’s strategic value is the total return it generates for all its constituencies—customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. The greater this return, the greater the strategic value. The greater a company’s strategic value, the more persistently successful is its business. All our services are focused on fulfilling this mission.

Our experience has revealed a recurring lesson: The path towards maximizing strategic value requires the continuous coordination and active synchronization of
all of the company’s operating elements. We call this strategic alignment. We believe that strategic alignment is the foundation upon which an organization must build in order to fully exploit its competencies, technologies, and competitive advantages for maximum impact in its chosen markets.
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Strategic Alignment

Any business can be thought of as consisting of four important operating areas or domains organized along two dimensions.

The strategic domains place the business in its market and industry context. They provide vision and direction. The execution domains define the operating model of the business. They describe how the organization intends to actually realize its strategic intent i.e. how it actually operates.

The business domains focus on where the enterprise as a whole is going and how it will deliver value to its customers. The technology domains, on the other hand, are concerned with the technology vision, direction, and application infrastructure of the company.
Strategic alignment exists when all four of these domains are mutually supportive — when all aspects of the business are executing toward a common and shared set of objectives. In other words, as the strategies change, the underlying operating processes must keep pace. As the operating processes themselves evolve and improve, the strategies must evolve to exploit these improvements. Similarly, as the business changes, the related technology areas must adapt to support these changes.

Finally, as technology advances create new opportunities, the business domains must find new ways to assess, capture, and leverage them.

Our offerings have been organized to provide highly targeted services in each of these domain areas. These services are designed to not only help align our customers, but to ensure that they remain aligned, so they can fully leverage their opportunities right now, and in the future, to reduce risk and maximize their strategic value.

All of our approaches have been field-proven to operate effectively across a variety of management and governance models, software and hardware environments, tool-sets, project delivery methodologies, platforms, and infrastructures.
We translate ideas into measurable results -- cost-effectively, at warp speed, with full partnership with and intensive coaching and mentoring of your internal staff. Throughout the consulting engagement, we drastically improve your people capability and process capability so that your internal staff can continue to cultivate the sustainable competitive advantages we have helped your organization to create.